Why should you invest more time learning about your PPE?

Information and knowledge are everything nowadays! People who seek to delve into something, collecting as much information as possible, end up acquiring more security, property and admiration – especially in their professional lives. Most people know what an PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is, but few understand its real importance and much less understand relevant details about the equipment. The truth is that, for the real use of PPE, it is not enough to just use it, it is necessary to learn important details about it. It will make all the difference! To convince you of this importance, we have made a list of all the reasons why you should invest more time learning about your PPE. Check it out!

1. How to search your PPE in an EASY and FAST way

            To understand the restrictions and the use for which each PPE is intended, the easiest way to check is to search for the number of the Certificate of Approval (CA), which must be indicated / written on ALL equipment, without exception!

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2. To have 100% use of the equipment

            Knowing your PPE well will provide you with a better use of the equipment, because you will know exactly all its utilities, details and features. There are devices with features that go beyond the obvious and that, if we do not have full knowledge of the equipment, we will not be able to take advantage of all that it can offer. Take care of your PPE so that you always have the best options on the market, as companies only make investments in those who give due value.

3. It may favor your skills at work

            Every job promotes the development of some different skills (whether they are existing ones or not), especially when it comes to manual work that requires effort and physical skills. Being able to count on adequate equipment for this type of work is fundamental to favor the skills required in the function. Imagine, for example, someone who handles objects or machines that are at a very high temperature. Protective gloves for carrying out this type of activity need to offer total hand protection, so if the gloves can withstand part of the temperature, the worker will not be able to do his job comfortably and effectively.

4. Scope of use of PPE

            The scope can go far beyond what the PPE is intended for. For example, a simple impact protection helmet – in fact, behind this equipment we have a whole family structure that often depends only on the worker. An object that falls on the unprotected head can, in the worst situation, end that person’s life and along with that with their entire family structure. A lot of attention, always remember, PPE is not only your personal protection, but everyone who depends on you!

5. Incorrect use can lead to serious risks

            This item from the complete list and reinforces item 3. The incorrect use of PPE can be extremely dangerous! Wearing helmets with a cap or without a buckle are examples of the incorrect use of PPE, which can hinder the protection competence. In order for you to have no doubts about the correct use of the equipment, you will need to spend more of your time learning about your PPE. How to use it, how to dress it, how to preserve it, and the correct use for which it is intended. That is why training on usage is so important, and you should invest your attention and your time in it!

6. It has its own validity and you need to be aware of it!

            Paying attention to the durability of your equipment is essential to ensure that it continues to fulfill its proper function with excellence. The equipment, even before being used, suffers deterioration in the stock when stored for a long time or improperly. Do not forget to ask the supplier company before purchasing the equipment about the expiration date of the CA, as well as the equipment.

            JGB manufactures equipment of the highest quality. In addition to meeting and overcoming any and all legal requirements related to equipment, everything we do is related to comfort and physical integrity, that is: the user is the most important focus!