JGB: innovation for life protection

Innovation is one of the great pillars of JGB. We understand the importance of constant transformation, that’s why we change! The renewal of the JGB brand goes beyond aesthetics to express our principles and values.

            We operate in the workplace safety segment in a committed and transparent way, to improve and innovate in personal protection equipment (PPE). We are one of the pioneering companies in the development of new technologies for PPE, operating for more than three decades in Brazil and Latin America.

Innovation for life protection

            We believe that the difference in our work goes far beyond innovation. In an empathetic way, we carry the differential the fact of taking the user’s comfort in the very first place to develop technological and reliable equipment. We want to guarantee complete life protection solutions in risky environments.

            We are committed to providing our customers with personal protective equipment that is safe and comfortable in the face of the risks in their work environment. Your trust is worth a lot to us!