Fire fighting clothing: know if you are safe!

When one talks about personal protective equipment, no care is overkill, as one is dealing with people, with lives. Although the manufacturer has the responsibility for what is being supplied, it must also come from those who purchase the PPE and from the end user. When purchasing a fire-fighting PPE, it is paramount to assess whether this one is certified by the specific regulatory standard for this type of risk and whether it is certified by a certifying body – such as, for instance, CE Marking (European) or UL (American) .

            Being within the norms is a mandatory prerequisite when it regards PPE. The European standard EN 469 is recognized worldwide and tests the levels of performance required for protection equipment against structural fire fighting through tests that simulate the real risk.

            Likewise, the CE Marking seal gives the PPE manufacturer conformity in the production process through semi-annual audits, ensuring that the equipment one purchases and that reaches the end user, follows the same standard as that tested in the laboratory.

            So, when making the decision to buy a PPE for the risk of fire fighting, make sure that it meets the standards and has all the necessary certification.

            At JGB, the Firefighter and Firefighter Gloves were designed to combat structural fires and they are certified by the standard EN 469, CA and CE Marking for clothing and EN 659, CA and CE Marking for gloves, taking into consideration the risks of heat and flames, cutting, drilling and abrasion. In addition, it has a 100% national manufacturing process! Find out more about our fire fighting equipment!