Outlast® – Developed for NASA, used by JGB.

Are you familiar with Outlast® technology?

Outlast® technology is proactive, that is, it uses phase-changing materials to absorb excess heat from the skin when we are warm and release that heat again when we need it most. For example, ice is considered a phase-changing material, and as the ice in your beverage changes from a solid to a liquid state, it absorbs heat and cools the beverage. Materials that change phases and have Outlast® technology work the same way. Originally developed for NASA, it uses PCMs (phase change materials) that absorb, store and release heat to provide optimal thermal comfort. the PCM material is 100% made from Canola Wax (100% biodegradable and renewable) has a natural origin and its decomposition does not aggravate the environment, and can even be beneficial as it is a form of energy for microorganisms, the use of products Biodegradable properties bring notorious benefits to nature.

But how does JGB use this technology?

The answer to that question is quite simple: Matrix infusion coating.

But what is matrix infusion coating?

An advanced formula of Outlast® Thermo-Technology is applied to the flat fabric. Outlast® is intended for use in products that are close to the skin and is perfect for the casual and sportswear markets. It can also be used on a variety of fabrics. At JGB we developed Texíon® MO that uses Outlast® technology to achieve the best performance.


  • Resistant to multiple washes;
  • Maintains touch properties;
  • Drainage and drainage durability are controlled by the base fabric;
  • The fabric suit well to the body;
  • Flame resistant fabric.

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