Find out more about the JGB protection against vectors

Vector animals are those species that transmit diseases (zoonoses) to human beings and other animals. Some of them, such as arthropods – commonly called insects, regardless of having six or eight legs – move easily through environments, making it necessary to have specific protection, especially in areas at risk. Among these animals we may have flies, beetles, fleas, lice, ticks and bedbugs.

            Most of the serious and febrile diseases are commonly transmitted by “insects” and occur in two ways; in the first one, the vectors carry microorganisms in their paws that, after a certain amount, may cause diseases such as typhus, dysentery, trachoma or conjunctivitis – which is one of the biggest causes of blindness in the world. In the second one, vectors spread bacteria, viruses and parasites through bites, through which pathological germs are transmitted to the new host.

            Being really aware of this risk, we at JGB have developed a specific technology for vector protection. The anti-vector fabric is made of flame-retardant cotton and, in addition to being anti-vector, provides protection against abrasive, scoring and thermal agents.

            Thanks to the treatment that the fabric receives, it has a high repellency effect and a high effectiveness of protection against vector attack. In addition, the anti-vector fabric does not cause any irritation effect, which makes it even suitable for allergic people, since it is dermatologically tested (DIN EN ISO 10993-5) and the repellent substance is exclusively bound to the fabric.

Find out more about the benefits of technologies applied to fabric:

• Less mosquito bites;

• Protection against bed bugs;

• Protection against ticks;

• Protection against beetles.

The JGB vector protection line has additional vector protection, according to Report Sample number 2016-0839-03 Received: 18.07.2016 by Sanitized AG.