5 facts about JGB that you would like to know

For 36 years, JGB has been a reference in personal protective equipment (PPE), offering solutions that guarantee safety in the work environment. We work daily to develop and perfect technologies that make the user’s life safer, ensuring that he returns safe and sound to his home. In this post, we will explore some facts about JGB that you will like to know. Check it out!

1. From university to the Market

JGB‘s trajectory began in 1985, created from José Geraldo Brasil’s Course Completion Work, at the Business Administration faculty of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). In addition to the project “Economic Feasibility of Implementing the Personal Protective Equipment Industry in RS”, the company originated, the name of JGB is formed with the initials of the name of its founder.

2. 6S Quality Program

            Our work is directly linked to quality management. Here at JGB, we apply Quality and Productivity tools to the work environment. One of these tools is the 6S program, which concerns the 6 senses (sense of use, organization, cleanliness, standardization, health, discipline and recycling). In practical terms, all JGB employees are engaged in the 6s program, being part of the company’s culture. Everyone works together to ensure that the organization follows quality norms and standards. Each employee knows the impact of their performance on the entire organization. The company benefits from this process, but mainly our employees, customers and partners.

3. ISO 9001:2015

ISO is an international standardization organization, based in Geneva, Switzerland, which aims to standardize processes and customer satisfaction. As it is the most comprehensive of the certification standards, it is the most used in the QMS. ISO 9001 certification brings an image that reflects the improvement in quality management. Thus, it is a great honor for JGB to be among the first Brazilian companies that won the certificate of the new version ISO 9001: 2015, in 2017, a quality certificate that every company craves.

4. A+A Trade Fair

JGB has always been a pioneer in its sector, being the first Brazilian company to have a stand at the A + A fair, the largest event on solutions and technology in work safety in the world. The editions take place every two years, in Düsseldorf, Germany, and has approximately 1,500 exhibitors from various countries. We are present every year bringing new technologies to the Brazilian market.

5. Brazilian Committee for Personal Protective Equipment

In addition to innovating in technologies and being a pioneer in the PPE sector, JGB is also a member of the Brazilian Committee for Personal Protective EquipmentABNT / CB-032. The committee is responsible for the standardization of the equipment with regard to its terminology, requirements, test methods and generalities. CB-032 is also in charge of translating international and foreign standards, adapting and making them NBR.

Did you like to know a little more about JGB’s professional background? Our goal is to always offer the best PPE, with the latest technology that guarantees you and your employees all the protection in the work environment. Did you like to know these facts about JGB and want to know our equipment? Get in touch and discover all the advantages of JGB!