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Anyone who has ever heard about JGB knows that we have a strong commitment to valuing the protection of life. That is why we develop and perfect PPE technologies that may save thousands of lives. JGB has a complete line for protection, which meets more than 10 different risks. With this regard, we present the risks covered by our product line, which are used by the best professionals in the market. Find out more about JGB products!

1. Radiant Heat

Radiant heat occurs when there is exposure to the light source, such as, for instance, heat treatment, leaking of a pan, filling of molds, exposure to incandescent materials and work in front of ovens.

2. Electric Arc – NR 10

Electric Arc is a passage of electric current through ionized air. Unlike the electric shock, the electric arc has an explosive nature and a highly destructive power, which may release thermal energy from very high temperatures.

3. Convective Heat

            Movement between particles capable of transferring energy from one place to another. For instance: heat from a kitchen oven, where the heat is carried by the air.

4. Heat of Contact

            It is the transfer of heat between two bodies when contact occurs.

5. Chemical Risks

            It is the danger to which people who handle products of chemical origin are exposed, or those who are exposed in some way to aggressive chemical agents.

6. Splashing of molten metals

            The melting of metals takes place at very high temperatures. In this way, when splashes of molten metals occur, the burns are highly severe when they come into contact with the skin.

7. Welding

            Manufacturing process that aims at coating, maintenance and joining of fused materials, with the possibility of applying pressure or heat.

8. Mechanical risk (abrasion, cut, perforation, feel / motor)

            The mechanical risk, whether it happens  due to abrasion, cutting or perforation, might cause abrasions and injuries, such as small spots, spots and depressions resulting from trauma caused by linear abrasion.

9. Fire Fighting (brigadier, fireman and / or forest agent)

            Combat situation inside and outside structures, such as houses, buildings, warehouses, among others.

10. Pressurized steam

            Maintenance situations in pressurized lines where there is a risk of leakage or escape of vapors heated to more than 300 °C.

11. Air Mandate

It offers the user thermal comfort in heated places where thermal stress is an imminent risk.

12. Facial protection

            Protection against multidirectional particles, molten metal splashes, convective and radiant heat.

13. Sudden fire

            It is when there is a risk that a person will be completely enveloped by flames from an explosion.

14. Weather side effects

            The action of meteorological agents, such as rain, with additional protection against electric arc and sudden fire.

15. Complementary risks

            JGB products to complement the protection of PPE.

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