Know the differences between radiant, contact and convective heat

As a reference in protection when it comes to Personal Protective Equipment, JGB develops PPE for the most diverse risks – among them are the risks of radiant heat, heat by contact and convective heat. In this post, we introduce you to the differences between the types of heat and how JGB technologies protect the user. Check out!

Radiant heat

Radiant heat takes place when the user is directly exposed to a light source. Heat transfer occurs by means of electromagnetic waves, such as in heat treatment activities, leakage of pots, filling of molds, direct exposure to incandescent materials, working in front of ovens, among other ones. Find out more about this protection!

Contact heat

It takes place when two bodies come into direct contact, transfer temperature from one to the other and energy thenceforth propagates owing to molecular agitation. This is the case, for instance, with the handling of heated parts. Find out more about this protection!

Convective heat

            Convective heat transmission takes place from the movement among particles or fluids capable of transferring energy from one place to another. As an example of convective heat, we have the transmission of heat from a kitchen oven, where the heat is carried by the air. Find out more about this protection!

            Are you in need of PPE protection for heat? JGB works with several types of technology with a focus on protection to be used according to the type of risk and intensity. In our catalog, you will find equipment from aluminized materials to FR cotton, suitable for each type of risk and need.

            In addition, we have the legitimate Kouríon® thermal leather and various technologies of the Texíon® brand.

            Our equipment against heat brings protection to those who work in industries such as metallurgy, steel, foundries, cement, mechanical metal, paper and cellulose, assemblers, assemblies, mining and others. In compliance with the technical standards of EN 407 (for gloves) and ISO 11612, JGB products protect the user against the most varied intensities of exposure to heat. Contact our specialized consultants and find out what is the ideal protection for your risk.

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