For more than three decades, JGB has been a pioneer in occupational safety. By developing innovative protection technologies for the most diversified risks, we have developed a deeper confidence and credibility with the global market, as we have become a reference in different kinds of equipment which bring protection combined altogether with comfort.

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Discover JGB history and understand the origins of our passion and appreciation for life protection.

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Outlast® – Developed for NASA, used by JGB.

Are you familiar with Outlast® technology? Outlast® technology is proactive, that is, it uses phase-changing materials to absorb excess heat from the skin when we are warm and release that heat again when we need it most. For example, ice is considered a phase-changing material, and as the ice in your beverage changes from a […]

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4 reasons to trust JGB

Trust is an extremely important factor when it comes to security and protection. JGB strongly believes in building a relationship of trust with its customers through a close relationship and also through strict quality control, from the production process to the final destination, where the PPE is used by the user.             Working with the […]

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Why should you invest more time learning about your PPE?

Information and knowledge are everything nowadays! People who seek to delve into something, collecting as much information as possible, end up acquiring more security, property and admiration – especially in their professional lives. Most people know what an PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is, but few understand its real importance and much less understand relevant details […]

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