About JGB

About JGB

JGB was founded back in the very year of 1985 by José Geraldo Brasil, at the time of his final paper course presentation at the Federal University in Rio Grande do Sul, with the main academic topic named “Economic Feasibility on Implementing the Personal Protective Equipment Industry in RS”.

As a manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment for more than three decades, JGB has been recognized for its confidence in protection in situations of risk. Because of it, the company holds a professional team trained and oriented towards the development of products, through the knowledge of the Norms, risks and applied technology in the construction of the best solution for the client. With that in mind, we provide specialized support in order to meet the specific needs, which include the guidelines to obtain the best protection in the use of the products, as well as their preservation. And the confidence we have earned has been possible nowadays by the recognition of the quality of what we currently supply, as we are always striving for excellence the product supply through strict quality control, straight from the acquisition of the raw material, the production process, until it finally arrives at the customer. This is the solid ground of our working method! It is built upon a set of working conducts, combined with production and service technologies, which above all aim to ensure tranquility and protection for our global and local partners.

The company operates in different industrial sectors, which includes the steel industry, foundry, mining, automakers, paper and cellulose, oil and gas, agricultural implements, road implements, energy and chemical concessionaires, among other ones. The main products developed by JGB are high value-added PPE, which are designed to better meet the costumer needs, since our customers face different kinds of risks regarding high temperatures, electric arc, fire fighting, chemicals, welding, abrasives and excoriators, pressurized steam, blown air, face shields, sudden fire, splashes of molten metals, radiant heat, heat by contact and convective heat.



José Geraldo Brasil started his career in the security area at a very early age and founded a commercial representation company named JGB - José Geraldo Brasil Representações Ltda, which was located in Porto Alegre, and he was faced with low quality products and the lack of culture in workplace safety. It was then that he set himself a goal to set up a PPE factory in the State of Rio Grande do Sul (RS); and this was the very first topic of his final paper in his undergraduate course at the Federal University in Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) with the following title “The implementation of an Individual Protection Equipment factory in RS”. Its main objective was to set up products with excellent quality as well as to meet the needs of users and shift the old-fashioned concept that “factory worker wears anything in the company (despite its quality)”.


In 1985 his company was then created in the city of Charqueadas under the name of CEL - Charqueadas Equipamentos Ltda, which started the manufacture of the first pair of gloves on 02.05.1985. CEL was very receptive, as the local market had already known José Geraldo's style and pace of work.


In 1987, the company shiftef its corporate name to JGB - Equipamentos de Segurança Ltda, and in 1989 it changed again to JGB - Equipamentos de Segurança S / A, which still remains today. José Geraldo remained as a Commercial Representative until the end of 1990 (for 12 years) when he then decided to dedicate himself full time to the JGB industry. Thus, José Geraldo is a professional who has been working in the security and protection market for several years.


José Geraldo Brasil, in 1992 launched the KOURÍON®, leather specially treated for handling parts, which could be heated up to 300° C /572º F. It was launched at the Hannover Industrial Fair in Germany under the invitation of the FIERGS International Business area. This product has dramatically revolutionized the security market in the protection of people against high temperatures. Until nowadays, only ABESTOS was the sole product used in this activity. José Geraldo was well aware of the problem that operators had been facing in the daily use of PPE, which was built on the basis of asbestos and whose health damage is rather silent and its debilitating effects take place much later when there is not much to be done. José Geraldo was obstinate in the search for a solution and after 3 years of longstanding research, severe obstacles, and a countless number of thorough tests, he came to the use of KOURÍON®, a natural raw material, with excellent capacity to resist heat and spatter of molten metals (steel process and welding). Since then, KOURÍON® has become a symbol of heat protection and when nowadays’ customers need this protection, they are used to requesting KOURÍON®.


Another innovation brought hereby is the aluminization of materials (leather and fabrics) for the manufacture of PPE (gloves, aprons, coats, capes, leggings, hoods, etc.) for areas with radiant heat such as steelworks, continuous casting, aluminum casting, copper and other metals. From the very 1995 year onwards, the company started supplying aluminum PPE made at JGB itself. By the way, even nowadays in Brazil, JGB is the only company that has the material aluminization technology, which gives JGB the flexibility to meet the needs of its customers.


Another innovation brought by José Geraldo in the in the course of action of JGB, was the presentation of PPE produced with anti-flame fabrics, the result of partnerships signed between the JGB and some companies abroad. Since 1992, when JGB went to the Hannover fair, several doors opened, as JGB could see that in other countries, clothing for areas of molten metal splashes was already lighter, more comfortable, more beautiful, and had a high protective power, once they were made of high-tech fibers, which were also fireproof. Additionally by the year 1995, JGB started a great job in the market, in order to break the paradigm that only leather material could be used in these aforementioned areas. It was a very difficult endeavor because the value of these fabrics were much higher than the value of leather and there was also a suspicion whether they would really specifically meet the protection requirements. That is, if that fabric would rather hold up and not burn.


JGB has always played its due part in fairs as a way to display itself to the market, presenting its products and its team, but also as a way of putting on value within the segment and contributing to its own professionalization. Since 1987 the company has participated in FISP - International Security and Protection Fair, as it primarily considers it the main event of the field and it is a great opportunity for exchange and relationships with its business partners as well as with its clients. In FISP editions, for instance, the company leader has had the opportunity to be a lecturer, and in such an event he could bring mainly the concepts related to the sustainability of PPE companies regarding the proper use of leather and its final destination (disposal).


First Brazilian company to win the CE Marking, being an indicative of mandatory compliance for several products sold in the European Economic Area. This mark indicates that a product is in accordance with the European Union legislation on requirements such as safety, hygiene and environmental protection, and is therefore accredited to be commercialized throughout the European Economic Area.


The company was awarded with the Talent Entrepreneurs Award, whose aim is to recognize the successful actions of micro and small companies from all over the State.


The company is awarded with the RS Quality Award - PGQP, which annually recognizes the organizations that stand out the most in Quality Management and Innovation practices.


The company moved its headquarters and its Charqueadas’ operations to São Jerônimo/RS.


Quality Management System Certification - ISO 9001: 2008


Quality Management System Certification - ISO 9001: 2015


JGB received the Export Award in the SECTORIAL HIGHLIGHT - MACHINES / EQUIPMENT Category in the 46th Edition of the Export Export Award, which regards the business actions carried out in 2017.


The company has expanded its headquarters to follow the growth of the company!

The Innovation Notice for Industry at SENAI, which was developed to boost companies in the fight against the pandemic, was perfectly aligned with one of JGB's objectives: to craft much more than a product, we aimed to create a concept that would bring comfort and meet the demands of the people who worked to save lives. So we launched a new product line: Impermax®. A completely new line, aimed at meeting the current demand for biological risks. For the manufacture of respirators, one of the products in the line, a machine was designed and built entirely within JGB's pavilions in record time: in 40 days the first respirators had already been taken to laboratory tests. The line has a range of products and new projects for forthcoming expansion.


Every award or certification is always the result of a lot of effort. This effort for JGB means a strong investment in technology, professional training and qualification of the team, in addition to the application of a strict quality control of the products.


First Brazilian company to achieve the CE Marking


Entrepreneurial Talent Award (Prêmio Talentos Empreendedores)


Quality Award RS – PGQP


Quality Management System Certification - ISO 9001:2008


Quality Management System Certification - ISO 9001:2015


Award in the SECTORIAL FEATURED Category - MACHINES / EQUIPMENT in the 46th Edition of the Exportation RS Award (Prêmio Exportação RS)


Award in the SECTORIAL FEATURED Category - MACHINES / EQUIPMENT in the 48th Edition of the Exportation RS Award (Prêmio Exportação RS)

Company mission and core values

Our Mission

To be reliable in the protection against risk.



 Dedication: To keep the commitment, boldness and courage, do not measure efforts, go beyond, do with the heart, with the inner will, reaching the end to deliver the result.

Empathy with the customer: To put one in the customer’s shoes, trying to understand the problem from the customer’s perspective, giving this one what one would like to receive if one were in his shoes.

Pioneering/Innovation: To create new needs, doing before to other business competitors; to change the level of delivered solutions; to transform the business environment, believing in what you do.

Citizen Company: We are an ethical company with different business publics. We aim to fulfill the social, environmental and legal responsibilities (in relation to our employees and the community in which we are inserted).

Teamwork: We aim to share communication among our employees, we highly value mutual help – regardless of hierarchy – so that we may achieve business results, honest feedback, openness and humility for ongoing learning.

Focus on results: We focus on personal delivery of results, targeting the strategic objectives defined by the company. We hold also a fairly systematic monitoring of results.


Our Quality Policy

JGB wants to be recognized by customers and stakeholders as a reliable company in protection and risk situations, in compliance with the legislation, current regulations and ensuring the fulfillment of strategic objectives as well as the improvement of the QMS.