Kouríon®, the LEGITIMATE leather for high temperatures!

Find out more about the Kouríon® line!

Pioneering technology developed by JGB, the protective equipment of the Kouríon® line is made of leather specially treated for high temperatures and with excellent performance against abrasion.

Glove 2003 k

Innovative product and with its own technology, the Kouríon® line has a design which has been elaborated to bring longer durability to the PPE and offer protection and comfort to the operator who works in high risk areas due to heat exposure. This is because leather, in general, has the characteristic of, when exposed to heat, to harden itself and to compromise the usability of PPE. Kouríon®, notwithstanding, is a leather that is specially developed and treated to offer greater resistance to high temperatures – thus preventing premature hardening and guaranteeing a PPE that lasts longer.

The Kouríon® line brings about protection against the risks of:

• Flames;

• Splashing of molten metals;

• Convective heat;

• Radiant heat;

• Heat of contact;

• Drilling;

• Cut;

• Tear;

• Abrasion.

It is an individual protection equipment suitable for areas such as foundries, microfusions, steelworks, continuous casting, blast furnaces, welding in general and any other area that requires thermal protection.

Kouríon® is the legitimate leather for high temperatures. Protection and comfort for the user! Find out more about this legitimate material!.