Protection in the pulp and paper industries

As a productive activity still expanding in Brazil, the pulp and paper industry is among the 10 largest in our country. Obtained from wood, cellulose fiber is the most important raw material for the manufacture of paper and is acquired through chemical and mechanical processes carried out in factories. There are several methods used for […]

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Ideal protection for Mechanical Hazards. Get to know more about the JGB 075 NLL Safety Glove!

Get to know more about the 075 NLL Safety Glove, for Mechanical Hazards! The Safety Glove 075 NLL from JGB is made within a selected jacket on its own palm and with cotton fabric on the back and barrel. Its modeling has elastic on the back, for a better fit in the hand and a […]

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Find out more about our new IMPERMAX Product Line

Our Mission “To be reliable in protecting against risk” is increasingly present, and this is why we are always looking for new ways to protect as many lives as possible. In this Blog we will present our newest IMPERMAX® product line and our new product in this line already available for purchase. The IMPERMAX® line […]

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The differences between tissue mask, surgical mask and PFF2 respirators

Brazil and the world are undergoing through an extremely delicate and challenging moment due to this pandemic times, which until then, has as its best allies the hygiene, the isolation and the use of masks. With that in mind, several doubts may arise and one of the most common ones is the difference between the […]

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Innovation in the Protection against Biological Risks

JGB, with over a 35-year-experience in the market, has often been recognized for Innovation for Life Protection. One of its primary values is the pillars of Pioneering and Innovation, which means creating new needs, doing before other business competitors, changing the level of the delivered solutions, transforming the business environment and believing in what you […]

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The Cement Industry: Risks and Protection

Concrete is an essential material in modern life. If we analyze the natural environment around us, we are constantly surrounded by it! Cement, the main raw material for concrete, is currently the second most consumed material in the world, second only coming after water itself. Do you know how cement is produced and what the […]

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